"Association St. Martyr George the Victorious - Lukovit"

Vision & Goals

The basic idea of the association is to activate the population at local level for social environmental enrichment and creation of cultural values ​​in the population, especially among adolescents, which are essential for a civilized existence, and are a prerequisite for constructive future. We follow the maxim - enlightened and compassionate people, calm and strong country.

Over the last 20 years the cultural life in the municipality is not very active. Community centers, whose role is to keep the spirit of the traditions alive, to nurture love for the arts and to encourage, guide and provide a platform for young talent, for one reason or another rundown and are unable to fulfill their role at 100%. Contemporary consumer culture does not involve the development of a value system in which words such as solidarity, faith, spirit, dignity, honesty, striving for perfection, literature, theater, poetry, art, ecology are missing or meaningless. We believe that we can help ourselves and make our life better only if people step up and be a good role model for youngsters.

By working with young volunteers our teachers and psychologists discover their strengths and encourage them to take in the right direction of development. The support and understanding that children receive in a creative environment helps their self-affirmation. Instilling in love with nature, culture and sport builds character of the younger generation and an example of the smaller of them who seek to emulate them. The children we work with are routed according to their talents and abilities they possess. For example, we set up fully equipped rehearsal rooms at the local community centre, where children and youth can come together and play instruments that they’ve never believed they could play so well. Some found themselves talented in acting skills while others discovered that they could practice different sports with ease. The support and understanding that children receive in a creative environment helps their self-affirmation and development.

In economic terms - the creation of a cultural environment, attractions and events implies an increase in the tourist flow and further development of cultural tourism, which in turn supports local businesses at all levels and leads to increasing the standard of living in the municipality.