"Association St. Martyr George the Victorious - Lukovit"


The nature in Bulgaria has marvelous beauty, and in this regard Lukovit Municipality is no exception. Nature has given us a variety of forms, rich flora and fauna. On a relatively small territory is full of exquisite and bizarre rock formations, sculpted canyons, numerous caves, lush fields, rivers and green forests provide coolness in the summer heat. Lukovit region is best known for its caves - an attractive feature for hundreds of cavers and the karst area offers convenient routes for climbers and mountaineers. The rivers Iskar, Zlatna Panega, Vit, Kamenica are painted unique beauty that gives shelter to birds, fish and other water creatures. They are also a favorite destination for thousands of fishermen. There are plenty of beautiful sites within the Lukovit region and perhaps the best way for them to be detected is through the objective-glass of the time hunters - photographers. Therefore, the Association decided to organize and make a tradition of holding annual photographic workshops. Of course the topics vary. They are not limited only to natural beauty.

In the spring of 2013 was held the first photo-fest in the Lukovit region. It was held under the slogan "In Lukovit - follow the footsteps of spring," a theme was landscape photography. During the symposium was held lecture by professional photographer Stiliyan Stoykov which revealed different techniques for shooting in front of his colleagues. It was held a photo competition too, and prizes were very pleasant.



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