"Association St. Martyr George the Victorious - Lukovit"

Literature club

The Literature Club meets its members with the magic of the written speech. Poems, stories, novels, created by masters of the pen and ink are revealing the beauty of knowledge. Touched by the magic of the letters - printed fine portraits, feelings, states, the members of the Literature Club want to share their inspiration from their contact with the art with community of Lukovit through music and poetry recitals, readings and meetings with writers. This club was the first initiative of the Association, which even predates its official registration - the first musical poetry recital was held in December 2011 in the town of Lukovit. In the reading room of the library "Saznanie 1895" we presented poets from the Lukovit region, which are of a national importance: Iosif Iosifov, Trifon Kunev and Joto Patsov. Pavlina Tsaleva selected poems and Georgi Georgiev accompanied with guitar the recitation of the children. The event was attended by honored guests - Joto Patsov and Balcho Balchev - who are among our major poets and writers.

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The Recital was shown in other villages of the municipality. The Club meeting with people from the villages was emotional - people, mainly adults enjoyed the children, poetry, music, the touch with the young generation and perhaps the hope that these will turn our country into a pure and holy republic. The club visited the villages Aglen, Petrevene and Bezhanovo in early 2012.


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During December 2012, the club presented the new book by Joto Patsov "The Miracle with the Bulgarian". Collection of stories preserved the spirit of Bulgaria. The presentation was attended by JotoPatsov who, after reading the eponymous short story from the book and implement mandolin, comprehensive and fascinating, answered to questions Pavlina Tsaleva and the public.


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