"Association St. Martyr George the Victorious - Lukovit"

Historical Reenactment Club

History is not just a past time; it is not a dead story, covered with the dust of time. No, it is a signpost. As there is no tree without roots, so there is no nation without history. To avoid wandering, it is good to know where you come from. Otherwise how could you know which way to go? This holds the truth for the entire nation. The members of the Historical Reenactment Club understand that and strive by recreating it in the form of live pictures in order to preserve and pass on to the future generations. The land on which we live is preserved countless testimonies of cultures that inhabited these latitudes over the millennia.

For the first time in the history of the Lukovit was shown a historical reenactment of the legend of Valkashin voivoda. He was a local hero who was fighting for liberation from Ottoman slavery. His image is shrouded by mystery and speculation, but currently present in the legends. The reenactment was shown in Lukovit and Aglen.


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