"Association St. Martyr George the Victorious - Lukovit"


The encounters with art are necessary, they are vital to the cultural side of life in our town. For this purpose, the Association undertook the organization of exhibitions with different themes representing various forms of the art world.

The first initiative was a photographic exhibition entitled "Lukovit in time - chronicle and legend" which was held in November 2012 in the town of Lukovit. The exhibition was the first of its kind in our community. It were displayed exhibits that illustrate the evolution of photographic technology over the years - more than 80 cameras - from the dawn of the 20th century until today, as well as the necessary equipment for a photo lab and last but not least an exhibition of black and white photography. The association managed to collect, digitize and display over 1,000 photographs related to the history of Lukovit. The oldest photograph was from 1898 where members of agricultural fellowship pose. Why pictures, because this is the charm of the shadows, the magic of light, concealed desires, morning hopes, evening nostalgia. Black and white paintings - frozen anger grin, gushing love, eyebrows raised in question. Black and white fragment of the world, gathered all the colors of the human soul.


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In the spring of 2013 the exhibition was shown in the city of Gabrovo, in the gallery "Hristo Tsokev." The exhibition was open to visitors for 20 days.